If I was to talk about my self I would have to start off by saying that my name is Kon Kudo. I'm half Japanese, half Australian, and was born in England on a street called Circus Street which I found curious, as one of my major professions other than Photography is Circus performing. 

I have always enjoyed art and it wasn't until college that I discovered photography as a medium. I particularly enjoy film photography, as I find the physical element of  developing and enlarging photographs to be quite meditative. My passion for photography has continued to grow after enrolling at The Australian National University School of Art. 

During my time at university I have expanded my knowledge of cameras, photography and exhibiting. My growing interest in all aspects of photography has meant that I have continued to develop and work with strong conceptual ideas that are aesthetically and technically pleasing.

Please have a look at my CV / Skills page for other information about me and feel free to contact me about anything to do with my work, future projects or collaborations.




自分の詳しい情報を知りたければ、CV / Skills をご覧ください。